Month: November 2017

Migraine cure by yoga

A migraine is a severe headache, generally on one side of the head. There is no permanent cure in modern medicine for this. But with yoga and pranayam the migraine pain will be cured permanently. Causes: The excess bile fluid released by the liver. Gastric trouble. A migraine is associated with disorders of the digestion. Ayurvedic tips: Put 2 drops of almond oil in both the nostrils in the morning with empty stomach, before going to bed. Make a paste of cloves powder with water and apply on forehead and temples. Put 2-2 drops of almond oil in both nostrils before going to bed. Drink alovera juice daily in the morning with empty stomach. Eat jilebi sweet which is made by pure cow ghee and drink milk it will give instant relief to a headache. Natural remedies: Drink lukewarm water in the morning and vomit it. because of this vomiting, the excess bile will come out and the migraine pain will slowly decrease. massage gently on the neck and head with any oil. Eat more vegetables. Eat an apple at breakfast time and at dinner time. press for 5-10 min at thumb fingertip. Yoga: Kriyas: jalaneti, sutraneti, kunjal Asanas: Padmasana, Hasta uttanasana, Marjalasana, paschimottanasana, Savasana, Setubandhasana, Parvatasana. Pranayamas: Anuloma-Viloma, Bramary, Udgeet, Shitali  ...

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Quick relief to headache by yoga and nutural remedies

Headaches afflict almost everyone will get at some time. A headache is often nature’s warning that something is wrong somewhere in the body. The actual pain arises from irritation to nerve endings in the shoulder, neck and scalp muscles and also in the smooth muscles encircling the blood vessels which serve these areas. As per ayurveda, there are 11 types of headaches. There are many causes to get a headache. common causes as listed below. Temporary upsets Allergy Emotional reasons Eye strain High blood pressure Hangover Infection Low blood sugar Nutritional deficiency Tension Constipation The presence of poisons and toxins in the body. insufficient sleep consuming cold food items, cool drinks. over thinking overstress overworking sinusitis don’t do: Spices, tomatoes, sour buttermilk and oily food should be avoided. Should not dring cool drinks. Should not eat cold items. there are so many ways get out from headaches Yoga Therapy for a headache: Yogic kriyas like jalaneti, sutraneti and kunjal are very effective in headaches. Pranayamas like Anuloma-viloma, Shitali, Shitkari, Udgeet(om chanting) and Bhramari are useful Asanas like Uttana padasana, Sarvangasana, Paschimottanasana,halasana and savasana are more useful in headache treatment. Acupressure point for a headache is at thumb tip.try press both thumb tips for 5 to 10 min. Ayurvedic Tips: Make a herbal tea by adding 1tsp of dried mint leaves to a cup of boiling water cover and let it sleep for 10 min.Strain...

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